Global ETP's


Global ETPs_

An investment vehicle that allows you to access markets that may otherwise be difficult to enter in a simple, efficient and effective manner

An ETP is structured as a mutual fund or a unit trust but its units, like stock, are tradable on global Stock Exchanges.

Unbiased and holistic wealth management.

Individually tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Added value by way of experienced, professional and trusted advisors.

Why invest in ETP's

ETP appeals to investors by offering indirect access to markets that restrict accessibility by foreign investors and provides investors with a return that replicates index performances, without actually owning the constituents that comprise the index. ETPs have in recent years grown in prominence as an investment vehicle, mainly due to its lower costs. With increasing product depth, investors can invest not just in different geographical regions such as Asia, Emerging Markets, Latin America, but they can also have access to sectors and themes such as healthcare, technology and infrastructure.

Key features of ETPs?

Index tracking

To achieve index tracking objective, a fund manager may adopt one or more of the following strategies:

Full replication by investing in a portfolio of securities that replicates the composition of the underlying index;
representative sampling by investing in a portfolio of securities featuring a high correlation with the underlying index, but is not exactly the same as those in the index; or synthetic replication through the use of financial derivative instruments to replicate the index performance.

Trading Price vs. Net Asset Value (NAV)

Each ETF has an NAV that is calculated with reference to the market value of the investments held by it. However, the trading price of an ETP on the SEHK, like that of a stock, is also determined by the supply and demand of the market. The trading price of an ETP may not therefore be equal to its NAV, and this disparity may give rise to arbitraging opportunities.

Dividend entitlement

An ETP may or may not distribute dividends, depending on its dividend policy.

Fees and charges

An ETP incurs certain fees and expenses such as management fees charged by the ETP manager and other administrative costs. These fees and expenses will be deducted from the ETP’s assets and the NAV will be reduced accordingly. Like stocks, trading ETPs on the SEHK incurs transaction costs such as stamp duty, transaction levy and brokerage commission. in the event of liquidation, preferred shareholders are paid off before the common shareholder (but still after debt holders). Preferred stock may also be callable, meaning that the company has the option to purchase the shares from shareholders at anytime for any reason (usually for a premium).


Our Core Services

Direct Investment

For clients who prefer to make their own investment decisions, we offer an efficient execution service where you have access to leading investment products and services.

Business Solutions

We offer operations support and custodian service for Trustees, Fund Administrators and Asset Managers. Our experienced operations team specializes in providing bespoke solutions.

Structured Portfolio

Working together, we will draw up an investment portfolio that is customized to your personal objectives and will guide your portfolio investment decisions. 


Our dedicated team is here to support you

We believe that every customer is unique, each with their own special aspirations and objectives. Our advisors are therefore trained to listen and will be pleased to provide you with foresights on investments and portfolio management that cater to your individual needs and goals.

Holistic Management

Holistic wealth management can streamline your finances and improve your financial performance.


Being 100% independent ensures the right products and services are offered to you.

Professional, Experienced and Trusted

Building wealth should be a simple and enjoyable experience. Being caring professionals, we manage client assets with diligence and integrity, using our experience to guide you. By treating clients with our greatest respect, we strive to deliver the highest level of attention and trust.

When you call us, we know who you are. 


Financial Advice You Can Act On

From exchange traded securities to tailored investment solutions, our clients can have access to an enormous variety of asset classes available in popular currencies. You are thus assured that there will be suitable products that can fit your risk appetite and achieve your personalized investment strategy.


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